Day 1

Your two day, 28km descent through the Ardèche gorge is where you’ll really begin to appreciate the magnitude and beauty of the Ardèche region.

As well as negotiating the many rapids along the way, you will also be able to enjoy swimming and picnics on the river’s edge.

We’ll arrive at the bivouac site in the late afternoon, where we’ll prepare our sleeping area and light the BBQ. The site is fully equipped with a shower block and toilets and we will provide tents and inflatable beds for anybody worried about an uncomfortable night!

Day 2

After sleeping out under the stars you’ll rise to the smell of hot chocolate. Once dry sacks are loaded, we’ll set off for the final day of the descent, ready to face even more rapids and stunning scenery. By early evening we’ll arrive at the bottom of the river to make our way, by road, back along the gorge. The ride back is almost as thrilling as the river itself, with new, even more breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape unfolding with each turn of the road.

1 review for Ardeche 2 Day River Trip

  1. Jennifer D

    Been on holiday year after year with Adventure Ardeche and every year it just gets better. So much fun to be had and so many memories to make. Perfect group holiday destination and now waiting until my family are a little older so that they can paddle the river too!

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