Discover the ardèche

France’s best kept secret


The warm glow of the sun beaming down on your face. Vineyards as far as the eye can see, like a landscape made of corduroy cloth.

The soothing chorus of cicadas, chirping in the trees. The fragrant aroma of thyme rising in the air as you walk through the grasses.

Medieval towns with narrow streets, unspoilt by time, distinctively French. The vibrant marketplaces, bursting with life, sights, smells and flavours.

The Ardèche is one of France’s best kept secrets. It’s the place where the French go on holiday. It makes the wine that the French keep hold of. It’s the region we left the UK for, and now call home.

Make the Ardèche your next holiday getaway destination, and let us be your guides in this magnificent outdoor adventure haven.


and then there’s adventure…

Embrace the great outdoors and discover the Ardèche’s most thrilling sights and sounds on a healthy, adventure holiday! We’ll take you on an adventure of a lifetime, from the spectacular Ardèche Gorge – Europe’s very own Grand Canyon – to the pine treetops in the surrounding mountains.

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