The level of training exceeded my expectations as multiple highly skilled trainers were utilised for a range of outdoor pursuits as well as a range of stunning locations.


Educate, Exhilarate & Challenge

 A career in the outdoors is an exciting prospect. As a budding outdoor professional, who has a passion for their craft, you deserve  the best start possible. This is why we have combined the following key elements to create the perfect course for you.

How it works…

We start off in October with a 7 month training programme designed to introduce you to a variety of outdoor sports, learn the fundamentals and build both your confidence and skill level. By the time we reach April you will have undergone a range of National Governing Body training courses (maybe even assessments if you feel ready) and be ready for your consolidation period and work placement, which your mentor will help you prepare for.

The following 4 months is where you have the chance to put your newly improved skills to the test. A summer work placement is the perfect opportunity to gain first hand experience of what it is like to work in the outdoors, whilst making some well earnt cash. We will offer suitable candidates the opportunity to work with our Instructor team in the South of France or help you apply for your dream role in the UK or beyond. During this time, we will be encouraging you to get out and about in your free time with work colleagues and friends to further cement your knowledge and prepare you for the final stage of your OITP journey.

September is undeniably one of the most important months of our programme. By now you will hopefully have gained the experience, knowledge and confidence in a number of disciplines, to go forward for assessment. Something that you could never achieve in a 16 week fast track! In the leadup to your  NGB certification courses, we will be there to recap, advise and answer any final questions you may have and ensure you are in the best possible position to pass! This final month will be spent both in the UK (for land based qualification) and France (for the Water based qualifications) and is the perfect way to end your incredible year of adventure.

If you’re over 18, ready to get stuck in, meet new people, learn new skills and have some fun, then this programme is the one for you.

It will require a basic level of fitness as some of the activities are strenuous but you don’t need to be an Ultra-marathon runner to apply. 

If you have previous experience of participating in outdoor activities, that’s great! This is not essential, however we do recommend that you know for sure that you enjoy partaking in some of these activities before you commit to the course. If you loved your primary school residential week, then you’ll love the OITP, but if getting wet and muddy was your worst nightmare, then be warned, this might not be much better.

Although our Instructors will do their absolute best to get you ready for assessments and teach you all the skills required, it is you and you alone who determines which, and how many qualifications you achieve. The more you apply yourself and the more put in, the more you will take away and ultimately the more employable you will be.

If you want to play around and take it easy, then perhaps a gap year is more your thing. BUT, if you are ready to:

  • Learn new skills
  • Try new things
  • Push your comfort zone
  • Develop into one of the industries future professionals
  • Take on board a whole new wealth of knowledge
  • Get outside come rain or shine
  • Make new like-minded friends
  • Explore the UKs natural playground
  • Experience how working in the Outdoor Industry can help you travel the world
  • Maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle whilst working
  • Laugh, Play and Kickstart your Career

Throughout the first 7 months (October – April) of your training we will provide 26 weeks of accommodation in a variety of exciting locations from where we will be based as we undergo our activities. North Wales, Scotland, The Lake district and France are just some of the places you will experience

Of course during this time you wil need a break,  you’ll have one week off in November, one in February and two weeks off over Christmas to enjoy the festive period. This gives you some time to take a breather, or go out and gain some more personal development days (If you’re really that keen).

Throughout the programme we will provide you with transportation to and from daily activity venues as well as to France and all of our UK training bases.

We want to ensure that you are fueled and ready to go at all times throughout your course. We appreciate that outdoor activities  demand a lot of energy and so we will provide food for you to create nutritious adequate and balanced meals, (breakfast, lunch and dinner) during our training days.

As professionals working on the hills and mountains, crags and rivers, lakes and sea, we require a fair amount of specialist equipment to keep us safe and comfortable . We can also appreciate that there is an overwhelming amount of choice out there and it can often be hard to decide what is appropriate and best value for money. Which is why, along with our partners in the industry, we have put together essential equipment packages for our programme participants. For more information contact us.

Who are Adventure Ardeche?

We are a small company with a big mission. There are many challenges and changes facing the world today. Rising nationalism, climate change, viruses, advances in technology, the list goes on. These challenges are all so big, it’s sometimes difficult to think about their consequences. They all have one thing in common though. The impact of all of these changes will be felt by us as individuals. People are going to need new skills and resources to deal with these global issues on an individual level. Improved communication skills, resilience, determination, grit, courage, empathy. All traits that exposure to adventure provides. So the more people we can get having adventures, the better prepared they will be for the future. This is our mission. This is what drives everything we do. We work with schools, youth groups, adult groups, families and individuals in both the Ardeche, France and Snowdonia, Wales.

Ongoing Mentorship

We appreciate that everyone is different and so whilst we offer the same training opportunities to every participant on our course, we believe that ensuring each Student receives one-on-one mentoring and tailored guidance is the best way to push each individual to reach their full potential. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Encouragement and support
  • Periodic reviews throughout the initial training period
  • Assistance with finding a suitable summer job.
  • Interview preparation and CV tailoring
  • Continued mentoring throughout the consolidation period.

The total cost of the programme is £12000.

We require an upfront payment of £4000 that is to be paid in full before the course commences. 

The remaining balance can either be paid as a lump sum or we can come up with an individual price plan that suits you. The total cost of the programme is to be paid in full before the start of June 2021. 

This cost covers 26 weeks of accommodation throughout the training period and a further 4 weeks during the final assessment month (September).

It also includes 3 meals a day for the duration of your training and assessment and all transport to daily venues and two return trips to the South of France. 

Not forgetting all the National Governing Body training and assessment courses that you will attend as well as the daily instruction that you will receive. 

We understand that for some, this may be a daunting prospect. However, this is a great investment into your future. By the end of the programme you will be ready to step right into work and hold many qualifications that are highly sought after to fill Lead Instructor positions within the workplace! Alongside this, with the skill set and certificates that you will attain, you will also be in a great position to establish yourself as a Freelance Instructor.  


National Governing Body Qualifications

To be a professional outdoor instructor, is to start a lifelong journey of Continued Professional Development or C.P.D. We can always learn new skills and with these new skills, operate in new environments. There are a wide range of qualifications that are available. Our programme wants to give you the opportunity to gain as many, wide ranging, nationally recognised qualifications as possible. Below you will find a summary of the qualifications you will be put through over the course of your time on the programme.

General Qualifications

Learn more

Watersports Qualifications

Learn more

Land Based Qualifications

Learn more

Meet the team who will be working with you from, preparing you for the NGB training and assessment courses and helping you learn the ropes.

Course Leader

Since the age of 8, Rebecca has had a passion for the outdoors. This led to her completing a degree in Outdoor Education. Rebecca has worked as an instructor and as a freelancer and spends her down time, travelling the World and recently completed a 40 day unassisted trek in the Himalayas.



Course Leader

Ben has been involved in the outdoors since leaving school at the age of 16. After completing a course at Duchy College in Cornwall, Ben worked in the Ardeche and the UK. He can often be found across the UK, adventuring form his van.

Connor Holdsworth

Established Mountaineer. Just recently returned from a trip in the Nepali Himalayas to try and claim some first accents of peaks above 6000m. Connor also runs his own successful company ‘Atlas Mountaineering’ –  guiding clients up mountains all over the world.

Ray Goodwin

British Canoeing Legend, Ray was awarded an MBE for his services to canoeing. He was also the first to be a British Canoe Union Coach, level 5 in Inland Kayak, Sea Kayak and Canoe.

Carlo Forte
Land based activities

Carlo is the former head of training and development at Plas Y brenin, the national mountain centre in Wales. He holds the international mountain leader and mountaineering instructor certificate. He has climbed in the Alps and places throughout Europe, and led expeditions to Greenland, Patagonia and Borneo.

Darren Joy

Director of Canoe and Kayak coaching company ‘Fluid Skills’. Darren is one of the National trainers for British canoeing and provides training and assessment courses in coaching, rescue and first aid.

Matt Blue

A former raft guide on the Zambezi, Matt has been involved with Great Britain rafting both as a paddler and as a coach. He is a kayak, canoe and Raft coach and loves getting on the water whenever he can. Matt ran an instructor training course at Bicton College and alongside all this is currently a firefighter in West Wales.

Ian Mcinnes
Personal Development

Our Chief Exec has worked in the sector for over 20 years. Starting out as an instructor in North Wales, he went on to work with teachers, schools, and councils in London, to promote safe outdoor learning, followed by time at the cabinet office developing the National Citizen Service scheme, ensuring the outdoors played a large part in it.

Tom Wah

Recently back from Kayaking in Nepal, Tom is passionate about all things paddlesports. As our European activity manager Tom oversees the training of our staff team and pushes us all to get out boating, whatever the weather. Though especially after a big down pour.

Tony Pape

Originally from The Lakes, Tony has been canoeing since the age of 15. He has managed outdoor centre’s, acted as a consultant to the sector, and is a keen open boater. He lives and breathes the Ardeche and has done for over 30 years.

A good boy

Luki is our team dog. Half springer spaniel, Half border collie, He doesn’t stop. He has more energy than a spartan army. He loves being around people in the outdoors and is often with us climbing, canoeing and evening canyoning…. He is a true Adventure dog.


with 25 years working in the outdoor sector, and a passion for paddling, climbing cycling and ultra running, Matt is well served and knowledgeable about many aspects of the outdoor industry, his experience ranges from product design to event management.

Adventure Ardeche not only provided me with awesome training and support whilst I was with them, but also supported me into a job at a great outdoor centre in Scotland. I left with some amazing skills along with some friends for life.

Bethan / 2019 candidate

I Undertook an outdoor education degree and during the summer training with Adventure Ardeche, which gave me valuable experiences working with and organising groups for single day trips as well as multi day expeditions. The level of training exceeded my expectations as multiple highly skilled trainers were utilised for a range of outdoor pursuits as well as a range of stunning locations.

Hugo / 2019 candidate

Training to be an instructor with Adventure Ardeche was awesome, I learnt new skills, grew in confidence and made some great friends

Jack / 2019 candidate