Adventure Ardeche does the Alps

The French Alps may be a popular winter holiday destination, but did you know that they’re also packed with excitement as a summer holiday venue?

Let us whisk you away for the ultimate summer adventure, heading to the secret spots where we go to hone our skills on our time off.// Nestled between the sunny classic French region of Provence and the high alpine peaks of Switzerland, the Ecrin National park is a paradise for adventure lovers.

We have compiled a programme that showcases the best of what this region has to offer. // Many of our guests tell us they enjoyed their trip down the mighty Ardéche and want to do something MORE! With that in mind we thought we would do an adventure holiday and turn it up to elevenYou enjoyed canoeing down the mighty Ardèche? Then let’s go whitewater rafting. You enjoyed high ropes? Let’s go up a mountain and do a Via Ferrata!  This action-packed activity week will be a holiday you’ll remember for years to come.

What will you be doing

Saturday is arrivals day, we will meet you, help you get settled in your accommodation, point you at the local amenities and then we will let you relax.

Sunday starts with a morning meeting where you will meet your team for the week over a lovely continental breakfast. You are then free to explore the local area for the day.

Monday…. it all begins! we guide you on a canyoning adventure down the Fournel, where you will swim, jump and slide your way down a narrow gorge.

Tuesday arrives with a day of climbing, testing your mettle on some real Alpine rock!


Wednesday we turn the action up to 11 and we take you on a thrilling whitewater rafting experience, where you bounce down rapid after rapid, all under the watchful eye of our experienced river guides.

Thursday, the only way is UP, a full day of action packed Via ferrata and high ropes. Via Ferrata is an amazing way to explore and enjoy mountain climbing!

Friday, the action doesn’t stop, We are back on the water again, this time in two person inflatable kayaks, where we can bounce our way down some incredible rapids!

Saturday has come around too soon! it is time to wave our goodbyes, till next time!


Chalet accommodation does not need any introduction, You will have seen or experienced this on your winter holidays, enjoy a little home from home luxury on your holiday 

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